olü teeth whitening kit

olü teeth whitening kit

why a teeth whitening kit?

Until now, teeth whitening treatments have been outdated. The technology and innovation of teeth whitening has been stuck in the past. Teeth whitening has been expensive, painful and not to mention time consuming. In an age where people want results and want them now, it’s silly to think that one would schedule a dentist appointment to spend up to $500 on treatment that can be delivered to their door – at a much more reasonable cost.

olü’s primary goal is to make teeth whitening (and oral care, in general) accessible to the masses. We have partnered with a professional manufacturer to obtain the same teeth whitening formula used by dentists around the world.

olü’s solution

Rather than using sodium bicarbonate (aka baking soda) our formula uses carbamide peroxide. This derivative of hydrogen peroxide provides an all in one solution that produces the desired teeth whitening effects while ensuring sensitivity is negligible. The olü teeth whitening kit guarantees results after 6 applications, 10 minutes each.

your convenience

We live in a busy time, arguably the busiest in history. With so much to do every day, taking time out for ourselves can be difficult to manage. That’s why it is our goal to bring the dentist to you. The portability of the olü Teeth Whitening system allows for it to be functional anytime, anywhere. Now, there’s no need to sit for hours at the dentist. Multitasking has never been easier, or more effective.

To check out our LED Teeth Whitening Kit in more detail, head to the site: olusmile.co/products/teeth-whitening-kit