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professional teeth whitening

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sensitivity-free solution

the solution contains a special derivative of hydrogen peroxide, strong enough to be effective yet natural enough to stop sensitivity.

professional formula

our gel is a proven formula that has been tested and tried by dentists, hygienists and patients all around the world.

results guaranteed

we are confident that the 6 applications will provide results that you will love. check out our confidence contract for more.

people are saying:

"Better results than when I went to the dentist right before my wedding. Didn't hurt at all and was super easy to use at home"

Kellsie B.

"About a month before my wedding I bought the kit for me and all my groomsmen and it worked perfectly!"

Bobby E.

"My smile is noticeably brighter in less than a week of using this! I've been using the pen in my car right before work too!"

Kylee S.

how it works | 6 easy steps

1. for best results, brush your teeth and floss prior to your 10 minute application.

2. turn the plastic cover on the back of the LED light counterclockwise. take out both batteries and remove the clear plastic tab underneath batteries. put batteries back in and turn plastic cover clockwise.

3. Attach the mouth tray to the LED light.

4. twist and remove the tip of the syringe. spread ¼ of the gel on the top of the mouth tray and ¼ of the gel on the bottom of the mouth tray.

5. insert the tray in your mouth and turn on the LED light to activate the gel. each session only takes 10 minutes.

6. once the 10 minutes are up, you will hear two beeps and the light will turn off. take the tray out of your mouth, rinse the tray (and your teeth) with water.